Professional Security Consultant

Premises Liability Expert Witness

Mr. Wood is a qualified forensic security consultant and premises liability expert witness in negligent security cases.

His expertise covers premise liability cases, including buildings, hotels, banks, apartment complexes, office buildings, cruise liners and ports, parking lots, garages, restaurants, bars, security guards, shopping malls, etc.

Premises Liability Expert / Security Expert

Mr. Wood has provided security surveys to over one hundred buildings, companies, and various businesses within the government and the private sector.

These surveys and site inspections are necessary to determine whether reasonable security measures were in place or not in place, depending on whether it be a defense case or a plaintiff case.

  • Securcorp, Inc.

    Professional Security Consultant

  • Member of the following associations:

    • American Society for Industrial Security
    • Association of Former Special Agents of the U.S. Secret Service
    • Illumination Engineering Society of North  America
    • National Associates of Legal Investigators.
    • National Associates of Investigative  Specialists
    • National Fire Protection Association

License  #A9800035
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